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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy is an important center of scientific research and teaching.

The Faculty is comprised of 14 institutes that focus on the fields of discrete mathematics, optimization, computational mathematics, combinatorial and number-theoretical algorithms, geometry, stochastics and financial mathematics, analysis and mathematical modelling, computational und statistical physics, solid state physics and nanostructures, spectroscopy and dynamics of atoms, molecules and clusters, plasma diagnostics, materials physics and electron microscopy as well as on geodesy with particular consideration of satellite navigation, remote sensing, and geoinformation.

The Faculty’s institutes co-operate in several national and international large-scale projects which are sponsored by the EU, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Austrian Industrial Research Promotion Fund (FFF) or as part of CD laboratories. The Faculty’s interest is focused on both theoretical and applied research as well as on the education and training of top-class professionals for commerce, industry and the sciences.



Dekanat der Fakultät für

Mathematik, Physik

und Geodäsie

Petersgasse 16, 8010 Graz