Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management
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Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management

Head: Prof. Gerald Zenz

Sustainable economic activity through the utilization of renewable energies, as well as the preservative interaction with the environment and infrastructure pose challenges to hydraulic engineering and water resource management. Great progress in the ecological treatment of nature is to be achieved through research and experience which are incorporated into the design of hydraulic constructions and tested in respect to their efficiency for enhancements.

The risk assessments for, and the protection of existing infrastructure are regional tasks and a central subject of hydraulic engineering. For the utilization of renewable energies, the preservation, and the construction of hydropower plants with - by the means of numerical calculations and physical modelling - optimized hydraulic components have great significance. For this, experience with the designs, numerical calculations and simulation methods, as well as modern laboratory equipment provide the basis of this structure.

These challenges are met actively with research, physical and numerical modelling, and experience with the performance of hydro-power plants.

Founded in 1865, the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management in the Graz University of Technology looks back on a long tradition. Work at the Institute rests on four pillars:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Consulting
  • Hydraulic scale-model testing




Teaching & Library

Mag.a Silvia Teubl

Tel:  +43 316 873 8361

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Office hours

Mo-Do: 9:00-11:00



Interpraevent 2016 in Luzern. Bis zum 15.2. ist es noch möglich, sich zum Student Poster Award anzumelden. Nähere Infos gibt es hier.


NEW! BedLoadAnalyzer 2.1 New version including formulae for steep channels available.

Die TU Graz Präsentation bei der ÖWAV Veranstaltung "Wasserkraft und Ökologie" ist hier verfügbar.

The progress report of the Institute from 2007 - 2011 can be downloaded here.

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