Institute of Production Engineering
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 Institute of Production Engineering





The Institute of Production Engineering (IFT) is a teaching and research institution of the TU Graz. We provide manufacturing and fluid technical fundamentals and the latest findings of research. In this way we combine research and teaching. In the institute's workshops and laboratories, we provide practical knowledge. The IFT gives you the opportunity to join our team writing bachelor or master theses. 


Research is an important component at the institute. Together with industrial partners we develop new technologies and implemnet research results directly into applications. Our institute culture is characterized by flat hierarchies, creative collaboration and openness to new ideas.


Besides teaching and research we offer consulting in the field of manufacturing, metrology, fluid technics and industrial robotics. According to the international standard ISO 230 we perform acceptance tests of machine tools throughout Austria. In our workshop we machine prototypes and small series. On the basis of CAD data, we produce plastic models on a 3D printer.






Institute of Production Engineering



Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Franz Haas

Tel.:  +43(0)316/873-7170



Anita Hebsacker

Tel.:  +43(0)316/873-7171 Fax.: +43(0)316/873-7178

Kopernikusgasse 24

A-8010 Graz