Institute for Materials Science and Welding
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Institute of Materials Science and Welding


Passionate Lecturers and Researchers

Due to our high standards in teaching and research and the acquired external funds, we have managed to gradually create an exciting and stable working environment to ensure a maximum of freedom for each member of staff and student to acquire and deepen knowledge in the respective subject areas, all this in compliance with international standards.



Materials Science for a Modern Society

In the future, we will represent an international centre for developing, modelling and joining socially relevant, future-oriented, high-performance structural materials and feed the knowledge thus generated back into teaching and services.

Fields of work



  • Characterization of processing structures
  • Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Joining Technology
  • Improvement of performance characteristics of materials and processing technologies
  • Materials development
  • Materials selection
  • Process development


  • Consulting
  • Failure analysis
  • Preparation of expertises
  • Production and construction supervision



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IWE - International Welding Engineer
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International Seminar on Numerical Analysis of Weldability
Materials days of the TU Graz
IWS Internal Seminar
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Sandra Wesener
Manuela Prader

Tel.: +43(0)316/873-7181
Fax: +43(0)316/873-7187

Project Assistant

Isabella Scheiber

Tel.: +43(0)316/873-7182

Kopernikusgasse 24
A-8010 Graz

Prof. Sommitsch wurde zum Professor ernannt am Institute for Laser and Welding Technologies an der St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

Prof. Sommitsch was appointed Professor at the Institute for Laser and Welding Technologies at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

Nachwuchs am IWS: Lukas

Offspring at the IWS: Simon

Prof. Poletti was awarded the Masing-Gedächtnispreis

The IWS has been awarded to organize THERMEC 2016 conference in Graz!

18th International ESAFORM
Conference on Material Forming

Graz - Austria, 15 - 17 April 2015

8th European
Stainless Steel Conference
Science & Market
Duplex Stainless Steel
Conference & Exhibition

28 - 30 April 2015
Graz - Austria

Announcement for the

11th International Seminar
Numerical Analysis of Weldability

27 – 30 September 2015

Graz - Castle Seggau - Austria

Images of visiting the Austrian Federal Minister for Science and Research

Images of Seggau 2012

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