Institute of microwave and photonic engineering
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Institute of Microwave and
Photonic Engineering


Microwave Technologies
  • Design of MW components and systems with low power consumption
  • Components and design techniques for mmWave integrated
  • Characterization, modeling and linearization of nonlinear components and systems
  • Antennas and transitions
  • RFID components and systems

Microwave Technologies

Optical Communications
  • Design of optical free space communication systems
  • Evaluation of optical free space channels on their dependency on atmospheric conditions
  • Analysis of optical transmissions in the laboratory
  • Design and implementation of optical data links
  • Optical measurement techniques (incl. fiber optics)

Optical Communications

Radar and Microwave Propagation
  • Development of radarsystems for measurement of snow avalanches
  • Software development of weather information system (WIIS)
  • Studies and measurements of microwave propagation and radar systems
  • Studies in the area of air traffic surveillance
  • Studie of scattering properties of precipitation particles and weather radar technologies

Radar and Microwave Propagation







Radar and Microwave Propagation

Optical Communications

Microwave Technologie


Master thesis and projects


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