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Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite Communications

Provision of the Austrian delegates for the Technical Committee "Telecommunications" COST.

Co-organiser for the annual UNO workshop on space technology for developing countries.

Fellowship program for students from developing countries and Bosnia.

Short Description:
The Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite Communication (IKS) focuses on digital communications, fixed broadband wireless networks, satellite communications, ionospheric wave propagation as well as precision time and frequency keeping. These areas are very well covered in teaching and research. Furthermore, scientific instruments for space applications are developed. Close cooperation exists with Joanneum Research, the Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the European Space Agency ESA, the European Union as well as distinguished research institutions in Europe and overseas.
The Institute is very active in externally funded projects and has close cooperation with industry. The activites cover equally basic and applied research.



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Institute of
Communication Networks and Satellite Communications

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