Financial and Accounting Office
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 Finances and Accounting

The finance and accounting department handles the entire payment of the Technical University of Graz and is also responsible for the planning of liquidity and liquidity management.

The tasks include:

  • Processing of all bills of material and assets and implementation of payments associated
  • Carrying out recurring entries and payments associated
  • Processing of bank statements
  • Processing of the hand cash accounts
  • Processing of the creditcard
  • Handling of the transfer orders
  • Preparation of the financial statements
  • Compliance with fiscal appointments and transfers, correspondence with Internal Revenue and tax advisors
  • Handling of budget matters for the global area
  • Liquidity planning and liquidity management
  • Processing of payments for all § 26 (FWF)projects

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Finanzces and Accounting

Technikerstr. 4/I
A-8010 Graz

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