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Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering

(Bachelor's Programme)

Audio engineers are technicians in the field of music. Only those who have an interest and talent for these two fields and who feel attracted to the melting pot of technology and music, rationality und intuition, should choose this subject. The basic education in electrical engineering and science, mathematics, physics and computer science provide the essential tools and take up a large part of the course of study. Attention: a precondition for admission to this degree course is passing the artistic aptitude test at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Course Structure

The Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering degree course combines a technological and scientific education with an academic artistic one in the form of a unique co-operation between Graz University of Technology and the University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz. The bachelor degree programme comprises six semesters and is divided into two parts. The entire bachelor degree programme comprises 180 ECTS credits. The language of instruction is German. Graduates are awarded the academic degree of "Bachelor of Science" (BSc).

The first part – also called the orientation year – lasts two semesters and offers introductory courses in the basics of music theory, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering and information technology.
In the second part, composed of four semesters, an in-depth expansion of the basic knowledge is undertaken. There are lectures in audio engineering and acoustics, studio and recording techniques, and computer music.

The four-semester master’s programme in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering builds on the Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering bachelor programme.

Semester plan for the Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering bachelor's programme

Curriculum for the Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering bachelor's programme  (german)