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Space Sciences and Earth from Space

Master’s Programme

Space sciences taking into account specific science components of the Earth system provide the basis not only for space travel and satellite communication but also for mobility applications (navigation). Furthermore, the Earth as system is the focus of research into climate change from the perspectives of science, technology, ecology and social economy. The master’s programme in Space Sciences and Earth from Space gives students a technological and scientific training in the field of space sciences and its applications in three areas of concentration which supplement each other, namely: Solar System Physics, Satellite Systems and Earth System from Space. The language of instruction is German.

Three linked areas of concentration allow specialisation in the framework of the investigation of space sciences and the Earth system on a technological and scientific basis:

• Solar System Physics deepens the knowledge of physics of the solar system and the planets and their interaction with the solar wind and energetic outbursts from the sun (so-called space weather). Important insights into the area of space plasma physics and solar and planetary physics are achieved.

• Satellite Systems comprises the increasingly important fields of satellite communication and navigation along with applications in disaster prevention and crisis management and also including telemedicine and telelearning.

• Earth System from Space includes observation of components of the Earth system (solid earth, oceans, ice masses, atmospheres, etc.) using modern satellite technologies, as well as their physical description and numerical modelling.

Semester plan for the Space Sciences and Earth from Space master's programme

Curriculum for the Space Sciences and Earth from Space master's programme